VA – Space Boogie (2018, Space Boogie Recs)

Call for price

VA – Space Boogie is a refreshing CoSmic eXtaCy Trip and a stellar down-tempo and deep forest psytrance compilation with a Goa trance feel. This is the sound of Russian psychedelic underground, stoney hallucinatory music movements starting with obscure deep lysergic atmospheric music and ending with groovy full power forest and dark psychedelia. If funk is your game, then you just have to play this one!

Space Boogie is the debut release from this underground digital label from Volgograd, Russia. Founded by Igor Space Boogie and Vasiliy Unscrap, this new label is inspired by Forest Psytrance and Psychedelic music record labels such as Parvati Records, Forestdelic Records, Peak Records, ГОСТ ЗВУК, Motorlab Records, Cold Tear Records and Ultimae Records. With such great inspiration and matured talent, the label defines new territories in psychedelic trance universe.


1 – Vadim Shiro – Slow Sex
2 – Block[BASS]ter – Organic
3 – S.O.C – – Snow Trip
4 – InSaid – ALAs_mals
5 – Yamsoul and Lila – Mantra
6 – Unscrap – Cosmic Project
7 – Unusual Cosmic Process – Maximum Depth (MentalImage Remix)
8 – Svaramaya – The Future Of The Planet
9 – Raccoon – Dorgamarush
10 – aGhORi TanTriK – Serpent Power
11 – ILLUMICORP – Not Silent Horror

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