About Sonic Tantra

Sonic Tantra is one of the first psytrance record labels that started releasing Dark Psychedelic Trance music. Founded in 2004, by aGh0Ri TanTriK, this label’s sole mission is to release mind blowing, kundalini activating psytrance music.

Sonic Tantra has set many trends in the world of electronic music and inspired hundreds of artists and record labels today.

Back in early 2000s, the psytrance scene had a lot of good night full-on happening with but with very little darkpsy around. It was difficult for dark psytrance artists to find labels and also the awareness of this sub-genre of psytrance was quite low.

Sonic Tantra’s founder, aGh0Ri had a vision to bring the new sound of dark psytrance to the scene and being an avid web developer, he was able to setup the label with a lot of hard work and grateful contributions from many pioneering darkpsy, psycore and high-tech psytrance artists.

With a strong focus on supporting the very best talents, our mission is to discover and present truly revolutionary music that provides food for thought and intense psychedelic moments!

We set ourselves apart and are relevant even after 10 years in the psytrance tribes as we are dedicated  to explore the unknown, in the true spirit of psychedelic culture.

We hope you enjoy our sound and support the artists! Thank you! B00m Bholeynath!

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