Horror Tales Chapter 3 (2020, Horrordelic)

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Go on our dark psytrance journey far beyond the limits of this realm! Horror Tales Chapter 3 released on Horrordelic features some full power psychedelic forest trance tracks from artists like aGh0Ri TanTriK, GroundWave, Dark Solo & More!


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Cosmic BlueMoon (India) compiled the third edition of his ongoing compilation series. Expect more of the dark forest style he usually presents to you on the dancefloor and in the releases he is involved.

Check out these tracks and stay safe in these crazy times. Let the music take you on a journey far beyond the limits of this realm.

Track list:
1 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – Passage of the Mad Men – 150 Bpm
2 – Astral branches – Guilty conscience – 147 Bpm
3 – Cosmic Silence – Tunel gravitacional – 160 Bpm
4 – Dark Solo – Black Belt – 150 Bpm
5 – FluroNeuro – Serpentine Maze – 150 Bpm
6 – SnailTrail – Faust Liquido – 152 Bpm
7 – Groundwave – Digital Storm – 152 Bpm
8 – Occultek – What Is Normal – 160 Bpm
9 – Oculum – SwampLodon – 145 Bpm
10 – Ziqada x Tryptophant – Malfunction – 155 Bpm

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