VA – Dark Terror Lesson # 1 (2009, Dark Terror Recs)


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Dark Terror Trance 4m Land of DarkNeZZ! 3 Hours of Crazy Terrifying Frequencies to Tweest and Liberate the 3rd eye chakra. Compiled by Liquedator from Russia.

1.StiTch – Winter Daemons
2.Wrong Mantra – Deceitful Forest
3.Incorrect Gotix – The House With Ghosts
4.Pupsidelic – Enemy Mine
5.Wizack Twizack – The Explorer (Dark Summer remix)
6.Hyperactive Mould – The Lost World
7.Plastic – Bio Wolf
8.Cyko – Influence Chaos
9.Psy Horror Noize – Are You Afraid Of The Dark
10.Rellic Dika – Acid Mutants
11.Fobi – Zen Game
12.PsyComa – Mushroom Pie
13.Samplebugs – Fronima
14.Farshmashine – Slayer
15.Jesus Raves – Dzibus D Grande
16.Limbo – Return of Gonza
17.Anxious – Wind Galaxy
18.The end a.k.a Jugem – Arika
19.aGh0Ri TanTriK feat Govinda Das Aghori – Push into the Abyss
20.Kobold Instinct vs Pressman – Liquid Mind
21.Lullaby and Goodnight – Radio 666 Кevival
22.StiComa – Kids
23.StiTch vs Biotek – Adult Kids
24.StiTch – Outro

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