VA – Valley of Death (2017, Sick Lion & Horrordelic)


Valley of Death compiled by Miquiztli is monstrous PsyCore journey with 14 tracks from killer artists such as Necropsycho, Yata Garasu, DigitalX & More!

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01. Brain Blender – Gates of Babylon (150bpm)
02. Krono Psy – Magic Power (150bpm)
03. Sinister Day – Dark Mirror (155bpm)
04. DigitalX – Out of Shape (155bpm)
05. Zen Mind vs K Lapso – Tola Fodex (160bpm)
06. Miquiztli – Valley of Death (160bpm)
07. Leonofobia – Born to Die (162bpm)
08. Yata Garasu & Nibiru – Restless Sleep (172bpm)
09. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Alchemical Laboratory of Transmutations (175bpm)
10. Los Dementes – La Demencia (175bpm)
11. Suffer Misery – Post Mortem (180bpm)
12. Necropsycho vs Miquiztli – Tangled (180bpm)
13. Baphomet Engine – Lets Fuck (180bpm)
14. Tzolkin Project – Oochel (188bpm)

Compiled by Miquiztli
Mastered by DigitalX
Sick Lion Records 2017
Horrordelic Records 2017

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