VA – A Season in Hell (Apurami Recs, 2010)


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Apurúami Records back stronger than ever to the bloody battlefields , this time with crazy artists, offering an huge variety of frequencies that twist our senses and invite us to a midnight ritual in hell. Line up includes Gain Reduction, Antagon, Jesus Raves, Chemical Spoon and more!!

01. Gain Reduction – The Present Demons
02. Antagon & Ignis – Peterchens_Mondfahrt
03. Jesus Raves – Oh My Alien
04. Chemicalspoon – Punci Pöcögteto2b
05. Mergel – Vikutoria Defender
06. Gamaliel – Madness u Pultika
07. Mr. Hades – Rememberember
08. G r i m – Nacion Yaqui
09. D1G1T4L D4RKN355 – La Conciencia Indigena Despierta
10. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Karttikeya (God of War)