VA – Horror Tales: Chapter 1 (2018, Horrordelic Recs)

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VA – Horror Tales: Chapter 1 compiled by Cosmic Bluemoon for Horrordelic Records is a free darkpsy psytrance compilation. Eerie soundscapes along with powerful basslines and darkpsy grooves aim to flip the psychonaut in you. Download this banging psychedelic trance compilation for free!


01. Elephant – Holy Pyramid (148bpm)
02. KinetiK Flux – J’ai crue voir un (156bpm)
03. Nyctophobia Vs WordSalad – Fear Induced Fantasies (152bpm)
04. TERRATECH – Tweaking Psychedelics (Boga Remix) (156-161bpm)
05. Spagettibrain- Talenta (154bpm)
06. Oroboro – Soy un Fauno (151bpm)
07. Fluroneuro – Cryptic Daydream (155 bpm)
08. GroundWave – Magnedrop illusions (148bpm)
09. Kounoupi – Law of Nature (150bpm)
10. aGh0Ri TanTriK – Cemetrip (150bpm)

Compiled by Cosmic Bluemoon
Audio Mastering by SooSpicey
Artwork by Antikriz, Psytanic & Nils Blommér

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