दुं Dhoom (2020)


Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records’ दुं (Dhoom) is an original collection of top 10 full power psychedelic trance tracks by global psytrance artists compiled by aGh0Ri TanTriK.

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ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः

Welcome to the sound of दुं! Here you can find a flow of rising kundalini energy that is capable of conquering egos and vanquishing demons.

दुं is the beeja sound of Shri Durga Devi. It is recited for power, strength, protection, health, wealth, victory, wisdom, knowledge and eliminating ignorance. Shri Durga Devi is known to have super powers and is a warrior goddess.

According to Kulachudamani Tantra, after the destruction of Hiranyakashipu, Vishnu’s wrath was not appeased. The world trembled, fearing what He might do. The Devas asked the help of Shiva, who assumed the Sharabha form – that of a lion with wings and eight feet – who caught up Vishnu into the air and held him there until he had become powerless. The lion then went to the feet of Durga, whom he accompanies.

01 – Jeto Vs. Positive Reaction – Redemption – 143 BPM
02 – OverDigital – Subcarrier – 146 BPM
03 – Satori – Second Cycle – 150 BPM
04 – Shie’ox – Fungal Artillery – 150 BPM
05 – Basaltic – Hod Melamed – 145 BPM
06 – Methodic Marble – Mental Ghost – 150 BPM
07 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – You Gotta Have It – 150 BPM
08 – Hysteria – Trip and Dance – 148 BPM
09 – White Falcon – The Crystal Path – 152 BPM
10 – Tskun – Shrine In The ForesT – 154 BPM

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