Cyberbaba – Antimatter Diagrams (2017)

Monstrous Lysergic Psychedelia with Huge Bass & Flipped Out Nu Cybertronic Psytrance / Psycore album by Serbian Artist, Cyberbaba. Psychonauts Rejoice!

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Antimatter Diagrams is a Psycore album by Serbian artist, Cyberbaba.

Powerful, Monstrous Lysergic  Psychedelia with Huge Bass and Flipped out Crazy Nu Cybertronic sounds, Psychonauts Rejoice!

Shattering #Psycore #Glitch #IDM #Experimental #Psychodelic vibrations!


1. Reflection [155 BPM]
2. Zone Of Turbulence [161 BPM]
3. Interdimensional Doorway [161.5 BPM]
4. Spaced Out Nebula [158 BPM]
5. The Illusionist [159 BPM]
6. Mind Stairs [164 BPM]
7. Don’t Eat Cows! [160 BPM]
8. Ducks Into Pixels [177 BPM]
9. aGh0Ri TanTriK & Cyberbaba – Wavicle Pulsations [160 BPM]
10. Space Travelling [165 BPM]

Album Artwork by  Evgeniy Jeton

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