aGh0Ri TānTriK – Kapālā Mūrti (2020)

Sonic Tantra Psytrance Music Records presents aGh0Ri TanTriK’s sixth album containing 10 powerful DarkPsy, Psycore and Hitech Psytrance tracks. Order now to download in WAV and MP3 320 formats.


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Here we cherish and worship Kāpāla Mūrti, the skull idol. While archaeologists have written about the 13 crystal skulls in great depth, there are others that are hidden, possessed and possessing their worshipers. Once a skull is exposed, its no good, its only when its hidden is it functioning..

According to Raja Tantra, Kapalini gives Kapala Siddhi, the power to go anywhere in the aethers in one’s sleep.

Om Kapalini Dram Drim Klam Klim Klum Klaim Klaum Klah Hamsah Soham Sa Ka La Hrim Phat Svaha

Repeat 20,000 times in front of Kāpāla Mūrti for the effects to manifest. As always, we recommend not to try this at home. Do it strictly under professional guidance, doing it incorrectly can result in misfortunes such as accidents, fights and other forms of Hell.

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1. Shining Spirit Path – 144 BPM
2. Nine Secret Chiefs – 147 BPM
3. Posthuman – 150 BPM
4. Morbid Menus & Macabre Meals – 150 BPM
5. Kosmic Kingdom – 153 BPM
6. jUST oNE ShoT – 192 BPM
7. Reverse Current – 195 BPM
8. Frequency Anamoly – 201 BPM
9. Ghost Busters – 216 BPM
10. Olivaw’s Twist – Ecstasy, Equipoise & Eternity – 85 BPM

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