Sonic Tantra presents VA – Sonic Shamans Triity (2019)!! Full power DarkPsy Psycore Hi-Tech Psytrance from Artists like Agressive Mood, Methodic Marble, a new project from Synthetic Forest – Cosmic Cannibal & many more nu killa artists from Russia & the world!

DarkPsy compilation 2019 - Sonic Shamans Trinity

Download the full compilation in high quality WAV for free:

With one year in the making, we’re very greatful to the artists to help us push the boundaries of Dark Psytrance, Psycore and Hi-Tech Psychedelic trance music.¬†Starting with a psychedelic forest trance flavor, Sonic Shamans Trinity builds into DarkPsy and crosses the line into progressive Psycore style.

aGh0Ri TanTriK’s track, “No Refuge But the Brotherhood” contains original vocals,

to all the brothers that were,
to all the brotherhoods to be,
to all the brotherhoods that are,
no refuge, but the brotherhood
refuge supreme is there for me
by the virtue of this truth

to all the buddhas of the 3 eras
to all the shivas of the 3 worlds

to the dharma for refuge i go
to the sangha for refuge i go
to the buddha for refuge i go

to the powerful protectors
whose purpose it is to guard the universe
mighty conquerors who overcome suffering everywhere
ill take my refuge with thee

Two new videos on the Sonic Tantra Youtube Channel, to make it easy for the Psychonauts to lay some full power Shamanic vibes on no matter where they are!

Hope you enjoy and please share!! b00000m!!

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