I am in Harmony with the Frequency of Nature. The Earth has a pulse too and it’s 9.6 Hz

Human beings and indeed all living beings receive nourishment and function effectively due to the electromagnetic field of Earth. This electromagnetic field is generated due to Earth’s motion and living beings are accustomed to operate effectively inside this electromagnetic field since millions of years.


However now, due to our own actions this electromagnetic field known as Schumann resonance is changing rapidly, from year to year! This has caused many side-effects that includes a variety of diseases and change in consciousness of the planet, gearing towards more destruction and wars all over the world.

Recently, since 4 years back, the founder of Sonic Tantra, aGh0Ri TanTriK came in contact with frequency-specific Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. This involves setting up a device to generate an electromagnetic field that directly influences each and every cell in the body. When the magnetic fields are tuned to specific frequencies they produce ergogenic and longevity effects.  Deeper more recuperative sleep and rapid cellular repair due to optimized electromagnetic environments occurs. The body and mind come in harmony and provide good health when tuned to the same frequencies that mother earth naturally provides.

Sonic Tantra, from the very beginning, realised that we are beings of frequency and the movement began in 2004 in bringing powerful healing by dancing all night to DarkPsy music to re-align and empower our chakras.

And now, after 4 years of self experimentation and working with thousands of users from every age category (upto 90 year old individuals) we’ve seen some pretty amazing stuff happen.

Read the resources below to know more and decide yourself.

  1. 9.6 Hz – 432 Hz and 528 Hz Harmonics
  2. Why 9.6 Hz? (Be sure to subscribe to the newsletter to get the main PDF report which contains the vital information)
  3. Morphing Schumann – Proof that the Schumann Resonance of Earth is changing un-naturally and it’s impact on health
  4. EarthPulse research database

Apart from the healing effect, we have used PEMF for rapid recovery from Hangovers!

Imagine this, aGh0Ri got completely drunk like a fish (drank from 6 pm until 2 am), went to bed at 3 am, set up the device for 3 hours of power healing sleep, woke up at 6 am, took a 4 hour bus ride, gave an interview for an IT job and actually got the Job. His mind could not be clearer and he couldn’t have done it without this wonderful invention!

So this holiday season, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get a real gift which matters!


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