VA – Wirikuta Sounds 4 (2015, Tripura Yantra Recs)


Free DarkPsy and Psycore compilation from Mexican record label, Tripura Yantra records. 9 powerful, dark and evil monsters capture your mind and twist it to no end! Artists include aGh0Ri TanTriK, Bizarre Frequency, Miquiztli, Lyzergik Brain and more!

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01 – Ozore – Desierto de Altar (146BPM) Mexico
02 – Tuukul Piixan – Mental AutoControl (150BPM) Mexico
03 – Siscosis & Instinct Wave – Arma un Cacio (152BPM) Italy
04 – Bizzare frequenCy – Tears deer (154BPM) Mexico
05 – Miquiztli – Be Afraid (160BPM) Mexico
06 – Mythorlogic – The Chase (170BPM) Israel
07 – aGh0Ri TanTriK – The end of The End (172BPM) India
08 – Kujata – Trance Profundo (190BPM) Chile
09 – Lyzergik brain – Broken trancemission D0 C0 (184BPM) Mexico

MASTERED & ARTWORK BY Panchos studio (Bizzare frequenCy)

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