aGh0Ri TanTriK – Underground Explosions (2008)

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Minimum Price: $7.00

The Story Behind Underground Explosions..

B0m Kring!
Welcome to a spankin new trip into the underground, bursting with psychedelia and groovyness.
In his second album aGh0Ri, shows us his wide range of psychedelic music styles.
Filled with lysergic atmospheres, full power bass drums and insane melodies, your head explodes and you have mind altering visions of the story of Underground Explosions.

Once upon a time, a fairy named “Gigly”, called out to the TanTriK, to wake up and get ready for the mission. Their mission is to bomb the hell outta your brain as it is infested with dark powers (youuu evil rut). As they b0m a huge 9 headed serpent filled with magik potions, the fiery serpent spews out a monstrous form of Kali known as Bhimanadini who attacks the duo with full force. A furious battle goes on for days till its the night of Amavapsya when the tantrik is able to spawn loads of magical entities to finish the battle.
Gigly and TanTriK then go to the cave of the Nanga Stone Man which is two yards under the ground, a magical place full of dark energy but being put to good use. They discover some magical shroomz, and there are moments of frenzy with the tribe of the Nanga Stone Man, Mush Rush! The tribe as one then engages in chanting for Lord Shiva to finish the mission and explode everything and create a new beginning full of life, away from imbalance and insanity. The results of these massive explosions are yet to be known to mankind, since they were multidimensional and not visible in this universe..

CD Cover Design: Dennis Ganshka

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