Sonic Tantra is one of the oldest community Psychedelic Trance labels still active today. The keyword here is community and not elitism. We focus on music and not the musician or his eliteness. This is what sets us apart. Most of our artists are new-found talent that we promote whole heartedly and help them improve their skill too, by coaching and mentoring to produce and grow their sound into something spectacular and world class. However, in the end, the real support to run this label comes from you – the listener, who helps us put things in perspective! Here is how you can make a difference to this indie label that has done a LOT for the scene since 2005:

1. Buy our Premium Releases

While we have more than 40 completely free full-length high quality DarkPsy / Psycore / Hi-Tech compilations that can be downloaded in WAV / MP3  and should be enough to rock your world, we also have about 9 Premium Psytrance releases that can be purchased for a very low cost of just $10. Get them all and show your solidarity, it really motivates us to do more for You!

top Sonic Tantra Dark Psytrance

2. Book Sonic Tantra Crew for your events / festivals

Sonic Tantra Crew is a dedicated set of artists and DJs that represent Sonic Tantra. The crew’s mission is to bring Sonic Tantra to the globe. However, we are not the regular Psy Junkies and do not spend all our time / career on Psytrance alone. So you might find that it is expensive to get us booked, as we are generally not in Europe or India all the time, or charge much higher than those artists which play almost every weekend, but then again, this is about ART. Art has to be exclusive and be unique, to get something you have never heard before, there is always a premium! We don’t mean to say that we are the best or the only ones capable of delivering a banging Psychedelic trance experience, all we mean to say is, “If you are after something new, something crazy and wierd like never before, your quest has brought you to the right place!”

3. Share the madnezz with yo fellow trippahs!

Definately the one thing that won’t cost you a dime! Share our website and releases with friends, everyday if you must, it all depends on your level of enthusiasm to help us help them (internalize and explode their consciousness)..

That’s all for now!

As usual, we are always talent scouting, we believe in bringing NEW experimental sound to the scene. We also understand that the word “Experimental” often means low-quality music for many people, however we try to make a difference there, the Music we release has to pass the Acid Test!

Thank you for all your support over the years, we are now more than 10 years old! Sorry, we can’t throw a party in your country or ours, but the cyber party never stopped, and we are hopeful that you will support us and it never will!

B00m Shankar!




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