Our Favorite Hippie Fashion Brand – Hippie Pants!

Dreamers and travellers wanting to beat the heat and be cool, here’s a super-cool brand! Checkout Hippie Pants for some amazing hippie style harem pants, fisherman pants, kimonos, shirts and tote bags!

Coming from the northern hills of Thailand , Hippie Pants has reinvented hippie clothing with Thai visual elements and patterns. All products are designed by Thai artisans using locally sourced materials and produced using wood, cotton or bamboo rayon making them both vegan-friendly and biodegradable.

To give a quick overview of Hippie Pants offerings, have a look below. Visit the Hippie Pants Shop to get a closer look and order online.

Harem Pants

Hippie Pants Harem Pants are an exciting range. These include collections such as Thai Hippie Pants, Thai Peacock Pants, Classic Thai Pants, Thai Elephant Pants and Ocean Pants.

Fisherman Pants

Hippie Pants’ Fishermans focus on comfort and beach style. They are available in full length or as fisherman shorts for both men and women. Feel like you’re in Goa much?! Now you can!

Vibe Pants for Men

Hippie Pants also makes these exciting Thai pants for men with deep pockets so you can go around your day and throw out that vibe mon! 🙂

Shirts for the Hippie Men

Stop looking like a boy and become a man! The Hippie Shirts Collection is the ultimate wear for grown ups who like to carry the vibe with them!

Men’s collections includes Om Pants, Tribal Pants, Vibe Pants, Fishermans, Serenity Shirts and Mandala Shirts!

Women’s collections include Harem Pants, Yoga Pants, Kimonos and Bags.

So let’s hip up baby! Head over to Hippie Pants Shop!

See the entire collection of Hippie Pants, we hope you enjoy looking cool again. Thailand or Goa is closed or too far, no problem! We bring it to you!

Free worldwide shipping! Great quality, excellent style, is there any reason not to?!

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