aGh0Ri TanTriK – Rakth Pipasu (2010)


Sonic Tantra presents aGh0Ri TanTriK’s 3rd Full length album titled “Rakth Pipasu”.

The style for this album is psychedelic forest. With tempo’s ranging from 156 bpm to 170 bpm its a groovy fast paced album.
Acid etched with dark melodies, loads of psychedelically synchronised patterns, funky percussions and a horror ambient approach towards progressively transcending into a fantastical land of a monster known as Rakth Pipasu.

Horror, Gothic, Forest, Comedy and Funk are the themes this album plays on.

We leave you now with the bloody thirsty Rakth Pipasu on ure @$$ and trust you will play with it in your own psychedelic manner..

PS – There are rumours it can probably be used to gain “Siddhis” or supernatural powers, the key is in ure hands!

1 Bali For Kali
2 The Crawlah
3 Kaal Bhairav
4 Rakth Pipasu
5 Evil Is A State Of Mind
6 Zee Horror Show
7 Aliens In Kabrastan
8 Datura Integration
9 Swimming In A River Of Mutilated Corpses
10 Tripura Rahasya

Audio Mastering service by Antagon (Germany)